Hi everyone!

I’m Anniina and I’m a third year biomedical laboratory science student at Turku University of Applied sciences. I worked at Tykslab last summer and I will tell u about it next.
I mainly worked at Tyks T-hospital’s laboratory. From time to time I also went to take blood tests in hospital wards. My work period lasted about 3 months.
My duties at the laboratory included taking blood samples, taking ECG, and advising clients. Advising focused on among other things, giving and bringing samples to the laboratory (these included as an example, urine samples). The tasks were familiar from before, but I hadn’t worked at Tykslab before, so there was still something new to learn!
My workplace is located in the same environment as my school, so the place wasn’t completely new. I’ll also be doing the training period at Tykslab next spring, so the place will definitely become even more familiar.
Now after the summer work, I will continue with my studies and start to focus on the last upcoming courses. In the picture below, we are measuring blood sugar from the fingertip in our school.