All the cool stuff we achieved in this story? Well, it all came from those Design Thinking Workshops. Imagine mixing smart thinking and creative mojo – that’s design thinking. It started with Stanford D.School and now it’s used in all sorts of fields. The BioTrick project tapped into this magic to get people thinking wild and creative. They brought together students, teachers, and mentors from Finland, Norway, and Portugal.

The challenges they tackled at the BLS academy were pretty tricky. They wanted to help each group improve their digital learning tools and also come up with solutions that could work everywhere.

Here’s how they did it: They ran separate Design Thinking Workshops in each partner country. Then, they blended all the cool ideas and gave them a boost. They even threw a fourth workshop where folks from all three countries joined in.

The challenges they focused on during these workshops were all about making things better:

Figuring out how to share knowledge among teachers, mentors, students, and practitioners on a digital platform. The goal? Make learning a global, non-stop party!

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