Bachelor programs

Finland has six (6) biomedical laboratory science (BLS) bachelor programs as follows:

Metropolia University of Applied Science (Helsinki)

Novia University of Applied Science (Vaasa)

Oulu University of Applied Science (Oulu)

Savonia University of Applied Science (Kuopio)

Tampere University of Applied Science (Tampere)

Turku University of Applied Science (Turku)

In Finland six universities of applied science offer biomedical laboratory studies. In Novia University of Applied Science studies are in Swedish, which is the second language of Finland.

In Finland the degree title is Bioanalyytikko (AMK), Bachelor of Health Care. The scope of the education is 210 credits and duration is about 3.5 years

In Finland Biomedical laboratory scientist gets the right to work as licensed laboratory nurses.

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Students’ exchange and international collaborations

The Finnish BLS bachelor programs have mobility agreements for students’ exchange all over the world. You can find contact information on the web pages of the universities to have more information if you consider to be a BLS exchange student in Finland.

Requirements for authorization to work as a biomedical laboratory scientist

To work as a biomedical laboratory scientist in Finnish hospital laboratories it is mandatory to have a national authorization by Valvira. The six listed bachelor programs all qualify for an authorization as “Bioanalyytikko” in Finland.

If you have an education from countries outside Norway, you need to apply for a Norwegian authorization. For more information see; Qualified in EU/EEA Member State or Qualified outside the EU/EEA Member State

National educational collaborations

A national academic BLS committee is organized with responsible study program leaders representing each of the six bachelor study programs. Members of the national academic committee regularly meet for the study programs to collaborate on quality in the education and to agree on common strategies for developing the Finnish BLS education. The Association of the Finnish Biomedical laboratory Science  is also a part of this collaboration.

Further education opportunities

There is a possibility to do Master’s degree studies in Science and Healthcare in multiple Universities of Applied Science, but also in continue studies in academic Universities.

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