Bachelor programs

Malta currently offers one Applied Biomedical Science (ABS) course, which is offered by the University of Malta (UoM).

UoM course – BSc. Applied Biomedical Science

The course has a student limit of 24 students per year.


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Students’ exchange and international collaborations

The Maltese ABS bachelor programs offers an ERASMUS exchange opportunity to various Universities abroad. This opportunity is usually offered to the students during the summer period of the second year of the course.

Requirements to enroll for the BSc. ABS education in Malta

Enrolment within the BSc. Applied Biomedical Science course requires the candidate to satisfy both General Requirements and Special Course Requirements.

UoM General Requirements – Entry Requirements

BSc. Applied Biomedical Science – Special Requirements

Requirements to work as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in Malta

In order to work as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in Malta, the applicant must first be registered with the Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine (CPCM).

The requirements required to be registered with the CPCM can be found within this document – Medical Laboratory Science Benchmark

National Education Collaborations

Currently, there is an education collaboration between UoM and the Pathology Department of Mater Dei Hospital (MDH). Students sitting for the BSc. ABS course will have the opportunity to carry out placements as part of their studies within the Pathology Department of MDH.

Relevant Master and PhD programs in Malta

UoM currently offers both Master and PhD programs in Applied Biomedical Science; both of which can be carried out at a full time or part-time basis. 

MSc. Applied Biomedical Science (Full time)

MSc. Applied Biomedical Science (Part Time)

PhD. In Applied Biomedical Science