Bachelor programs

Denmark has seven places where you can study to become a biomedical laboratory science (BLS) as follows:

All Danish BLS profession bachelor programs require documentation of adequate skills in Danish to qualify for admission. All educations are taught in Danish.  

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Students’ exchange and international collaborations

The Danish BLS profession bachelor programs have mobility agreements for students’ exchange all over the world. You can find contact information on the web pages of the universities to have more information if you consider to be a BLS exchange student in Denmark or contact your local international coordinator at your BLS education.

No skills in Danish is required to be an exchange student in Denmark, but you will only be able to follow specific parts of the education.

National requirements for the BLS education

Requirements for learning outcomes and content of the Danish biomedical laboratory scientist education is described in national guidelines Bekendtgørelse om uddannelsen til professionsbachelor i bioanalytisk diagnostik. Each University College have their own Curriculum for the program, which can be found at their webpages.

Requirements for authorization to work as a biomedical laboratory scientist

To work as a biomedical laboratory scientist (BLS) in Denmark at hospital laboratories it is mandatory to have a national authorization allocated by Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed. The listed Danish BLS programs all qualify for an authorization as “Bioanalytiker” in Denmark.

If you have an education from countries outside Denmark, you need to apply for a Danish authorization. For more information see; The Danish Patient Safety Authority

If your education is considered inadequate for the Danish authorization, you can work at Danish hospitals as a unauthorized technician with tasks decided by the head of laboratory.

Relevant Diploma and Master of Science programs in Denmark

Biomedical laboratory scientists are qualified for several Diploma and Master of Science programs in Denmark.

Information about some of the programs can be found under Videreuddannelse. The pages are in Danish