Bachelor programs

The Netherlands has eighteen universities educating Applied Science. In eleven universities Biology and Medical Laboratory bachelor programs are educated, namely:

All Dutch BLS bachelor programs require documentation of adequate skills in the Netherlands to qualify for admission.

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Students’ exchange and international collaborations

The Dutch BLS bachelor programs have mobility agreements for students’ exchange all over the world. You can find contact information on the web pages of the universities and on the website of Domain Applied Science in The Hague to have more information if you consider to be a BLS exchange student in The Netherlands.

National requirements for the BLS education

Requirements for learning outcomes and content of the Dutch biomedical laboratory scientist education is described in national guidelines.

Requirements for authorization to work as a biomedical laboratory scientist

To work as a biomedical laboratory scientist in the Dutch hospital laboratories it is mandatory to have a national authorization. The eleven listed bachelor programs all qualify for an authorization as “analist” in The Netherlands. If you have an education from countries outside The Netherlands, you need to apply for a Dutch authorization.. For information see:

National educational collaborations

The Applied Science Domain [Domein Applied Science] (DAS) is a collaboration between higher professional educational institutions in the applied sciences. The DAS Foundation coordinates and supports this collaboration. For more information see

The DAS programmes face major challenges. The collaboration within the Applied Science Domain can assist the universities to address these challenges. The collaboration provides its participants with a network in which education and research policy can be developed in tandem. It also offers an innovative and learning environment in which people can learn from their colleagues’ knowledge and experience. The joint initiatives are intended to lead to an improvement in the quality of education and research, enabling the universities to continue to develop into innovative knowledge institutions, so that they can strengthen their own profile and positioning in the region. The collaboration is intended to enable the universities to improve the way they perform their task of turning out the professionals that society needs.

Relevant master- and PhD- programs in The Netherlands

Biomedical laboratory scientists are qualified for several master- and PhD- programs in the Netherlands.