The Biomedical Laboratory Science Triangular Centre of Knowledge (BioTriCK) was a strategic partnership that aimed to enhance the quality of European BLS education. The network of BioTriCK was built upon existing collaborations between the study programs at HVL, TUAS, and PIC, focusing on enhancing students’ and teachers’ mobility. The partnerships that had been established were expanded to encompass innovations in BLS education. Drawing from the positive outcomes of integrating blended learning, the concept of blended collaborations was also introduced.

During this initiative, university hospitals were brought on board as partners to ensure a comprehensive triangular representation within the BLS environment. Additionally, a Finnish SME named EDvantage joined the effort to support digital delivery and facilitate design thinking. EPBS was also enlisted to provide support to the network in Europe. Building strong relationships and collaborations in real-world work settings laid the foundation for more effective digital collaborations down the line.

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