The BLS Academy content and activities are managed by an academic board elected by the European Conference on BLS education for two years – until the next conference.

In the current period of 2023-2025, the BLS academic board have the following members:

Leader of the board:                 

  • Gry Sjøholt, Associate Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen, Norway ( )

Higher education institution representatives:

  • Anniina Friiman, Lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland ( )
  • Mieke Demeyere, Manager of Bio- and Paramedical Educational Programmes, HOWEST University of Applied Sciences, Belgium ( )
  • Mario from Lisbon. Waiting for contact information.

Student representatives:

  • To be elected by the students’ board of EPBS.

EPBS representatives:

  • Fernando Mendes, Ph.D., President of the  European Association of Biomedical Scientists (EPBS), Coimbra, Portugal ( )
  • Anneke Geurts-Moespot, Treasurer of European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science, Arnhem-Nijmegen region, Netherlands (a.geurts