The vision of the BLS is academy is to support the communication and collaborations between BLSs in different HEIs and hospitals in the real world, throughout the BioTriCK project the virtual BLS academy is created, where collaboration and sharing of knowledge is central. The digital BLS academy will be open to all BLS educators in Europe and the world, functioning as a model to be disseminated to other professions and disciplines as well.

The BLS academy will also function as a virtual community where students are introduced from the first year of studies to the different fields. Communicating and collaborating through an open access web portal, all BLS professionals can update their knowledge across educational level, academic institutions and hospitals, as well as national borders.

This page will be created and evolve as the elements are created and put in place throughout the course of the project.

Ranging from 2020-2023

Where do I study BLS?

Upcoming Webinar

The title of the webinar will be:
How is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Utilized?
6 March 2023 at 13:00 (Brussel time)

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The main focus of the project is to improve students’ learning activities starting in 2021 for both on campus courses as well as in clinical practice training.  This is done in by making them part of a co-creation process they will be creating digital learning tools as a part of their learning activities in different courses, both in clinical practice at the hospitals and also as part of courses in the university campus. The product will be in English. This processes are supervised by clinical supervisors and/or university teachers.



In this intellectual output the aim is to create an environment for teachers to upscale their knowledge on creating and using digital tools in their teaching.


past webinars

The BioTriCK project hosted several webinars on various topics. We decided to share these with you so that you can have a look at anytime.


The BioTrick Digital Story

During the project and after introducing the innovation products, the stories of different stakeholders’ experiences in BioTriCK will be told on the open access web platform. This to be able to evaluate the project in the end also to provide a fertile ground for the development of a global community of BLS stakeholders, where they can interact, share ideas and experience.


Contributed Content

In this project various forms and sources produced an array of content available for you to use. Some are excellent teaching material and others might spark ideas for new innovations in your own teaching and learning environment. Some are research shared by others on what they are currently doing within the health science teaching and learning space.


Student Experiences

Our students play and important role in the project. Some of them had the opportunity to have student exchanges where they were able to visit other countries and schools, some had an active role int he project. This section is dedicated to their experiences.


Project News