Hello everyone! I’m Elsa, a third year biomedical laboratory science student from Finland, Turku. I was working all summer in a super fascinating place, but let me tell you about it more 👋🏼
This summer I was working in Turku University Hospital, in clinical microbiology. My workplace was in Medisiina D, where our school is also located. 🏨 
My job was to receive samples (such as secretions, sputum or pieces of tissues) and culture the bacteria on culture media 🧫. I as well unload goods and replenish stocks. Sometimes I also got to pipet some samples. I mostly worked in laminars to keep the spread of bacteria under control 🦠
I worked full-time for three months and I’m planning to continue working alongside my studies. A few of my colleagues were also students from our school or youngsters, with whom I became good friends. Although, everyone were super friendly and helpful for me all summer. 
To conclude, my summer job was truly educational and amusing. The work atmosphere were icing on the cake. I look forward to next summer! 🌸
PS. remember to clean your phones, this one is nasty from mine.