Biomedical laboratory science students Josefine, Elisabeth and Ingvild from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences have recently completed their bachelor’s thesis in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal’s capital from 1139 to 1256. After 3 months of high laboratory activity, using many different methods, they have submitted the bachelor’s thesis “Dietary exposure of antioxidant Molecule X treatment to prevent the progression of NAFLD induced in mice by Western diet”.
Their stay in Coimbra is now over, and they return home to Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Bergen for their final bachelor’s exam. They describe the student exchange period as a unique and enriching experience that has given the opportunity to get to know a new culture in an active and internationally renowned research environment at the University of Coimbra, one of Europe’s oldest universities established in 1290.
The last months of studying biomedical laboratory sciences have, in addition to the academic aspects, given the girls an experience of living in another country and an opportunity to experience new traditions and, not least, a tasty food culture. Being an exchange student provides memories for life. It is a journey filled with challenges, new experiences and the opportunity to grow in many ways. When asked if this is something to recommend to other students, Josefine, Elisabeth and Ingvild agree: “If you have the chance to become an exchange student, you should definitely seize it and embrace the unique journey that awaits you”.


  • Elisabeth Monsen
  • Josefine Rugaard Langholm
  • Ingvild Larsen