In the beginning of the BioTrick-project, there was set to use student representatives as a part of the local management group, and the project management group. From early on, the student perspective has been valued through every meeting, especially in the project management group.

I became a part of the BioTrick-project in autumn 2020 and since then, I have had the pleasure to collaborate and participate in workshops and discussing different topics on how to develop a digital platform for biomedical laboratory scientist students and teachers.

During the project there has been held several webinars with interesting topics. The students were lucky to get to host one of the many webinars, where the topic was student mobility. In the webinar there were representatives from the different international offices form Norway, Finland, and Portugal.

In the process of planning the event, the student representatives from the three countries had a meeting to discuss who was going to speak, who to invite and plan the program for the event. This meeting was the first ever meeting between the students from the different countries. By having this meeting, we got more engaged in the project and by sharing experiences, we managed to make a successful event together.

Collaboration between countries, and especially teachers and students, has proven to be effective and a necessity to ensure internationalization in all the different countries. The project combines experiences, knowledge, and cooperation, so that everyone in the laboratory-field could make use of the finishing product, a digital platform for sharing.