The university in Turku have been cooperating on exchange of biomedical laboratory scientist (BLS) students with both  Bergen and Coimbra since 2010.. In the spring of 2019 Bergen invited Turku and Coimbra for an Erasmus + collaboration and Biotrick was established in September 2019.

The main focus of the project is to improve BLS students’ learning activities starting in 2021 for both on campus courses as well as in clinical practice training.  Students as cocreators of their own education will be creating digital learning tools as a part of their learning activities in different courses, both in clinical practice at the hospitals and also as part of courses in the university campus. The products will be in English. These processes are supervised by clinical supervisors and/or university teachers.

Our BLS study programs already have a tradition of collaborating on students’ and teachers’ mobility. During the project, these collaborations will be intensified and we also intend to organize for clinical supervisors’ mobility – this to visit collaborative hospital laboratories and supervisors.

Ultimately, to improve BioTriCK as a BLS community of practice, networks are established that will disseminate and survive after the three-years financed project period.

In order to obtain these goals we have collaboration from the three academic partners and related hospitals, but also EPBS who will ensure the longevity of the BLS academy as a core outcome from the project and EDvantage who will  support and facilitate the co-creation process and execution of the BLS academy.

Design Thinking Workshops

Design thinking is a process that facilitate the art of critical thinking into a creative end product.  It was originally developed by Standford D.School and has since been in use in various fields.  The BioTrick project decided to use this as part of their process to ignite creative thinking in the participant the triangular consisting of students, teachers and supervisors as well as the geographic triangular of Finland, Norway and Portugal.

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Contributed Content

The BioTrick project aimed to get students, teachers and supervisors involved for increased collaboration, and sharing of information.

Various initiatives produced various materials within the project. In this section you can view and use the content created in the project.

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Virtual Teacher

In this intellectual output the aim is to create an environment for teachers and supervisors to upscale their knowledge on creating and using digital tools in their teaching.
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Digital Storytelling

During the project and after introducing the innovation products, the stories of different stakeholders’ experiences in BioTriCK will be told on the open access web platform. This to be able to evaluate the project in the end also to provide a fertile ground further developing a global community of BLS educational stakeholders, where they can interact, share ideas and experience.

BLS Academy

The final product of the project will be the BLS academy that will host the various innovations and tools to improve the practice of knowledge sharing also providing a platform for teachers, supervisors, students and practitioners to come together to improve their skills, knowledge and sharing of learning tools.